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Manicures and Pedicures

We use OPI & China Glaze nail polish and Evo2 by Bio-Sculpture Canada.

The ultimate in pampering! Replenish and revitalize your hands with a luxurious OPI polish & manicure. This treatment is designed for you to receive cuticle work to exfoliate and remove any dead skin around your nail plate, a luxury paraffin wax is applied for the spa manicure to deeply nourish your hands.


  • Paraffin only on Hands  $10
  • Child (up to 12 yrs) Manicure  $20
  • Mini Manicure  $30
  • Manicure  $35
  • French Manicure  $40
  • Spa Manicure (includes warming paraffin wax treatment)  $45

EVO2 Oxygenating Gel was designed from the base up to provide the best combination of performance and safety in mind. EVO2 is ideal for those who care about their nail health and are tired of the damage experienced by some brush-on gel brands. While the curing steps remain the same, it’s the formula that is the game-changer!


Evo2 Gel Manicures
  • Evo2 Gel Mini Manicure  $45
  • Evo2 Gel Manicure  $55
  • Evo2 Gel French Manicure  $60
  • Evo2 Gel Removal (not reapplying) $20
Evo2 Gel Pedicures
  • Evo2 Gel Mini Pedicure  $50
  • Evo2 Gel Pedicure  $65
  • Evo2 Gel French Pedicure  $70
  • Evo 2 Gel Removal (not reapplying)  $20

Pamper your feet with our perfect pedicure which includes a herbal foot soak, a stimulating scrub and a relaxing foot massage. Your feet will look and feel their best!


  • Paraffin only on Feet  $10
  • Child (up to 12 yrs) Pedicure  $20
  • Polish Change Only $20
  • Soak, Nail Cut and File Only  $20
  • Mini Pedicure  $45
  • Men’s Pedicure  $50
  • Pedicure  $55
  • French Pedicure  $60
  • Spa Pedicure  $65 (includes warming paraffin wax treatment)