Microblading is the newest trend in brows! A semi-permanent hair  technique that creates the finest hair strokes into the eyebrow area. These fine strokes penetrate into the skin for a hair-like finish. The process mimics an exact brow hair, creating a feathering effect which is more natural-looking than a solid fill. Hair strokes are fine, crisp and extremely natural-looking.

Benefits of Microblading

Fix a lack of brow definition

Lengthening/shortening existing brows

Correcting shape of the brows

Helps with thickening of thin brows, for those that have suffered from hair loss, over-plucking.


Initial Treatment:  $400

3-5 months re-fill : $85

6-9 months re-fill: $110

10-12 months re-fill $135

Taxes not included …..Pricing may vary on the amount of work needed.

Please Note: If you are Breastfeeding,Pregnant,on Anticoagulants,Blood Pressure or Thyroid  Medications it is not advisable to have this treatment unless you have a letter from your GP.If you are taking antibiotics or had Botox wait 3 weeks before you book appointment.Please call us we can set up for a telephone consult with Mari Eve.